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What should adults from abusive childhoods know about God? 

I wish they knew how much God really loves them. I mean REALLY loves them. I wish they knew that He placed a star in the sky that awaited their birth. I explain that in the book.  I wish they knew that He smiles at them. He laughs at their silly jokes. He saw them hit that home run in fifth grade when their parents weren’t in the stands. He caught their tears when they didn’t get asked to dance at the prom. He was proud of them when they graduated college against all odds. I wish they knew that His heart breaks when their hearts break. That when Peter told us to drop our anxieties at His feet, that was God’s voice practically begging us to do it. I wish they knew how He waits every day to hear their voice. That their prayers don’t have to be so formal and so full of apology and confession and that He just loves hearing their voice, like any really great dad. I wish they could catch just a glimpse of the truth that they don’t have to be broken forever. I wish they knew that their broken earthly childhood can be replaced with an amazing childhood with their Father in Heaven, who loves them beyond comprehension. I wish they could come to find out how much easier it is to serve Him and to live “circumspect,” as Paul says, when we do it motivated by His love, not the dread fear of His wrath. I learned all this as I wrote the book. This is really what changed my life.
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Cover of the book "An Orphan in the House of God" by Craig Daliessio