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Motivation to write “AN ORPHAN IN THE HOUSE OF GOD”

I knew something was wrong inside. I’d grown tired of what passed for a relationship with God. I knew I was a Christian…I knew I was born again, but it didn’t feel like I was His child. A series of events started me down the road of considering whether I even knew what it was to be a child at all. I started writing on January 22, 2022 as just a means of getting all this stuff out. My friend Rick Elias, the Christian singer, used to say that songwriting was like prayer for him…it was sacred. For me, writing is the same way. I was writing it out on the page, but I was praying and probing at the same time. It wasn’t long before I realized it would become a book. It took ten months, and God worked on me and healed my wounds as I wrote. In fact, He distinctly told me He would only heal me as I wrote. I had to see the project through.

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Cover of the book "An Orphan in the House of God" by Craig Daliessio