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How do you trust God in the midst of pain and heartache?

When I went through a soul-crushing divorce, I looked for some resources for divorced men, written from a Christian perspective, but I just couldn’t find much. Divorced men are relegated to the desert in the church. I knew in my soul that I was in for a hard road, and I also knew that if I didn’t purposefully run TO God, I would run from Him. There would be no middle ground. So, I decided to stay true to my faith and pursue Him, regardless of what I was going through. I had lost everything by then. My job, my home, my marriage, and my fatherhood—which I treasure more than anything else on earth— was limited to once a week and every other weekend. I was alone, 850 miles from my lifelong friends, and I had to weather this storm on my own. I knew that I could either stay close to God and rely on my faith—tattered and jagged around the edges as it might be— or crawl into a bottle or stick a gun in my mouth. The pain and heartache really revealed more about God to me than the easy times.
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