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The Ragamuffin’s Christmas

“What if you had been there, on the very night Jesus was born?” That is the question asked in “The Ragamuffin’s Christmas.” The answers will change your life… A homeless daddy trying to rebuild his life, and keep Christmas with the daughter he loves. A journey home along an avenue of memories. A very special Advent Calendar. All converge in a dirty cave in Bethlehem, on Christmas Eve, in a remarkable vision of the Nativity. In “The Ragamuffin’s Christmas” Craig Daliessio takes us on a breathtaking, emotional, and wondrous journey to the night of the Nativity. He introduces us to a group of shipwrecks and wanderers, who each makes this mystical pilgrimage to a cave in Bethlehem, and to a tiny baby with the ability to heal the wounds of the human soul. From an old preacher, to a young mother. From a murderer and his victims, to Mother Teresa and the Roman Soldier who watched Jesus die on the cross. Each has a deep need…and each somehow knows that this baby -and only this baby- can me

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Cover of the book "An Orphan in the House of God" by Craig Daliessio